Dar Tajine Restaurant features authentic Moroccan cuisine showcasing traditional tagines to delectable North African sweets.

Come & Taste Delicious and Authentic Moroccan at the Only Moroccan Restaurant in the Plantation Area

Offering authentic and delicious Moroccan cuisine including salads, Moroccan sandwiches, aromatic couscous and tagines. We bring you culinary delights prepared in the genuine tradition of Moroccan culture. Any native Moroccan will tell you that the very best Moroccan cuisine is eaten at home, lovingly prepared with the entire family gathered together to enjoy the abundant servings.

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We serve you a variety of delightful soups, salads, and hearty entrees, and then finish off your meal with a soothing cup of sweet green mint tea and fresh fruits. It is our great pleasure to serve you our special traditional recipes as if you were a guest at our own family table. Bon Appetit!.

What do our clients say on our tasty food?

First time trying Moroccan food and it was a success! I had heard about Dar Tajine from a coworker and today we finally gave it a shot. Dar Tajine is a cute little Moroccan restaurant with comfortable seating and authentic decor. Not sure if this is how it usually is, but it was a pretty slow day so we were seated and served right away.

We started with salad and homemade Moroccan bread. I love this bread!! The garlic butter, tomato spice sauce, and olive trio were very tasty. The salad was also quite flavorful.

I ordered the kafta Tajine that was absolutely fantastic! I’d never had Tajine before but the clay pot it came in was quite a sight and really interesting. It comes with a side of rice and the Tajine has a ton of little kafta balls in the stew. Really yummy.

Celeste M. Plantation FL

I broke my own rule by trying this place for the first time by take out – and it did not disappoint me!

When trying a place for the first time, I usually like to dine in to get a complete feel for a restaurant- and also to be able to give it a fair review. Sometimes, food just isn’t as good and piping hot when it’s taken to go.

I got the tomato soup and beef couscous and thought both were really delicious. I highly recommend both. Also got an assorted bag of cookies for $4.99. The only cookie I would ask for again was the chocolate and sesame one, reminded me of Halvah.

All in all, it was a great find and I will definitely go back!

Janel C. Boca Raton, FL

Always have great service with a smile.  The owners are so pleasant, we even placed a catering order. The catering was superb, the food was even excellent and the desserts are to dream of.

Anyways, just keep in mind that the food is made to order, not microwaved so it takes a bit during lunch time, don’t think that you will be in and out in an hour sharp (unless it’s just salad and soup)

Anything in the menu is amazing

Regina R. Fort Lauderdale, FL